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Nelson Systems offers solutions that provide a flexible call recording, evaluation, and archive solution designed to facilitate compliance, reduce risk, increase process efficiencies, and enhance customer service. With hundreds of successful implementations, we assist contact centers to optimize quality of service, minimize liability, and improve operational effectiveness with powerful functionality.

We realize that one size does not necessarily fit all, and provide the flexibility and professional experience to implement cost-effective solutions for single site agencies, as well as integrated solutions for multiple site agencies or large combined-agency dispatch facilities. With network storage and web client access across LANs and WANs, moving important information across wide geographies has never been easier.  From a handful of stations being recorded to thousands of agents spread throughout the country being recorded and evaluated, NSI will work with you to get the right product and configuration to meet your business needs.

We understand the benefits of both remote, and on-site technical support and training. With after hours (including optional 7/24 services) available and ongoing monitoring of key system components, we've got you covered.

Extended warranty plans and ongoing refresher training means that agencies can devote their time and attention to things other than the communications recording equipment and software.

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