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Our team constantly reviews the solutions that are available in the industry, and partner only with the best.  When evaluating manufacturers, we look for three things - an extremely high level of support, a product that is unparalleled in the industry today, and active development on the product to ensure it is ready for tomorrow.

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We have partnered with Winscribe because of their exceptional support, cutting edge technologies, and dedication to the future.  If you are looking to be able to easily share work between users, report on productivity, integrate with Speech Recognition, and utilize a wide variety of input options this is the solution for you.

We have partnered with EMDAT because of their commitment to flexible and cost effective fully managed medical transcription solutions.  If you are looking for a Medical Dictation and Transcription solution that provides you with control and 24-hour access, EMDAT is the solution for you.

We have partnered with Nuance because of their industry leading speech recognition products.  Nuance's Dragon software integrates seamlessly with the Winscribe workflow suite and the Philips Pro dictation software, or can be used out of the box to directly edit documents and emails.  If you are looking to be much more efficient, turn around documents quicker, and do more with less, adding Dragon to your dictation suite will quickly pay for itself.


We have partnered with Philips because of their cutting edge hardware components and exceptional support.  Philips provides professional quality digital portables, speechmikes, and basic transcription software.  If you need quality hardware to go along with your Winscribe solution, or have users that work one on one with secretaries this is the solution for you.


We have partnered with Olympus because of their industry leading hardware components.  If you're looking for a high quality digital portable to go along with your Winscribe system, you can't go wrong with the Olympus professional line of devices.

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