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Eventide's next generation of client software, MediaWorks, represents a technological leap that will greatly improve your ability to search, retrieve, and monitor audio data, and to burn it to CD or DVD...FAST.  The new, completely retooled interface allows you two ways to locate data:  by individual record, or by time of its origin using the graphical timeline. And its tightly integrated workspace makes it a breeze to create associations between incidents and individual records, to create customized channel groups, to access archived data, or to generate several types of reports.  If you just search for calls once in a while, or your full time position is dedicated to researching calls and recreating incidents, this is the software for you.




MediaAgent allows a call-taker unprecedented access to calls based on the security rights you assign.  When you have a mission-critical dispatch position, this is the software for you to instantly replay that missed information.

In short, MediaWorks and MediaAgent offer you a remarkably easy-to-use environment through which to manage all your logger-associated tasks.  Its robust data retrieval and unsurpassed reliability make its introduction a benchmark achievement for Eventide.

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